Zoning Hearings

The Warrington Township Zoning Ordinance was originally enacted in 1991 and has been updated and amended numerous times since then.  The purpose of the Ordinance is to promote and protect the harmonious development of the Township providing the efficient and orderly integration of land development to control proper density of population, provide adequate water and sewerage, fire protection, schools, parks and other public grounds to provide adequate sites for recreation and open space and prevent overcrowding of land.  Planning goals were established by the Warrington Township Comprehensive Plan.

The Zoning and Permit Officer will determine if there is a need for a Zoning Hearing to comply with the Zoning Ordinance when application is made for a Building Permit.  To determine if your project is permitted, refer to the Official Zoning Map to find your Zone.  The use regulations are in Article III of the Zoning Ordinance.  The following forms are used for Zoning Hearings.

Zoning Hearing Application

Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning Hearing Minutes 2024