Public Works

The Public Works-Highway Department is responsible for maintaining 66 miles of Township roads.  Services are provided by four full-time employees.  Besides road maintenance, responsibilities include bridge repair, stormwater system maintenance, snow removal, shoulder mowing, and tree trimming.  These employees are also responsible for maintaining the township equipment and the grounds and buildings in the municipal park.

On-street parking is prohibited during storms.  State Police will be called to tag cars if they are a hazard to traffic or to snowplow equipment.  The Road Crew appreciates any help provided by residents during inclement weather situations.  Remember that when a road is flooded, please turn around.

Please call when there is a road problem.

Office: 717-432-9082.

After hours contact 9-1-1 for emergencies such as trees down or flooded roadways.

dsc_0276   Repairing the bridge on Conley Road.

2012-dm-rd-2012-001   Hurricane Sandy flood-Detters Mill Road

img_0793   West Barrens Valley Road-pipe replacement