Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of five regular members who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  The Zoning Board hears requests for variances from the Township Zoning Ordinance, appeals to decisions of the Zoning Officer, requests for special exceptions and legal challenges to the Township Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Board has formal legal status under the Pennsylvania Municipality Planning Code.  Hearings are conducted with sworn testimony, cross-examinations, and the right to be represented by legal counsel.  They are like court hearings.

The following individuals currently serve on the Zoning Hearing Board:

  • Kenneth Eshleman
  • Lisa Frye
  • Gregory Seifert
  • Janelle Winey
  • Allan Winey
  • Alternate members:  Robert Koppenhaver

Zoning Board Solicitor

S Harper Law LLC
Scott Harper, Esq

Zoning Officer

Mr. Eric Swiger

The Zoning Hearing Board meets monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM if there is a hearing scheduled.